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Release Date: 📆 July 22nd, 2021


💻 PC: Steam

Epic Games

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Developer: Balcony Softworks Location: Budapest, Hungary Publisher: Those Awesome Guys Location: Bucharest, Romania

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📧 Contacts: General/Business: contact@thoseawesomeguys.com Press: [email protected]

About the Game

A roguelite strategic deck builder, Deepest Chamber: Resurrection challenges players to endure a series of increasingly demanding descents into the murky depths of a dying city. With the odds stacked firmly against them, three heroes set out to blaze a trail through the darkness and rescue their people from a fate worse than death.

What's new in the launch?

The Catacombs Biome: - In the forgotten catacombs beneath Dolmin, a once-sacred burial site lies shrouded in secrecy. When the Pope arrives on a mission to sway the non-believers towards his pious ways, he is perturbed by the city’s lack of faith. Thus, aided by his cardinals, he decides to sift the righteous from the lost. To keep the residents in check, he erects a powerful magical dome, preventing all who try to flee. However, in an unexpected twist of faith, a mysterious force hinders the Pope from recalling the dome once his work is done. A malevolent force is clearly at play, and the only way to fight back is by venturing ever deeper into these accursed Catacombs…

Wen, The Necromancer: A high-ranking practitioner of forbidden knowledge, Wen commands the chilling power of necromancy, controlling life and death with eerie skill. Although her childhood remains a mystery, the Academy’s records state that she and her fellow acolytes concealed their dark practices from the disapproving grandmasters. Eventually, dark magic gained acceptance through the Queen's approval, sparking conflicts between 'light' and 'dark' magic students. In hushed tones, people spoke of a secret dark magic sect in Dolmin, with Wen being somehow inexorably involved in its unholy arts.

Endgame content: The ultimate fight draws near… As the mysterious forces that ensnared the city come within reach, the last pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. Delve deep into the Catacombs, gear up, and brace yourselves for what lies ahead!

Full Controller Support: Mouse + keyboard or Controller? Pick your weapon of choice!

Steam Deck Compatibility: We've tested Deepest Chamber: Resurrection extensively, and we're happy to share it runs PERFECTLY on Steam Deck, now with support for Deck controls! See for yourself! We'll be getting the verified checkmark as soon as we can!


About the Developer

The development team over at Balcony Softworks brings a lot of experience to the table. Having already delivered a successful project with Balrum, an old-school CRPG paired with very deep farming and crafting mechanics, they are now ready to delve into uncharted territory. Deepest Chamber is being built within a new self-developed 3D engine and all of the design work is also being done internally by the team.

About Those Awesome Guys

Based in Bucharest, Romania, Those Awesome Guys is a fiercely independent video game development and publishing studio formed out of people from all around the world. After the launch of hit success Move or Die, the studio branched out to publishing with the release of Monster Prom and Deepest Chamber, and now prepping the launch of upcoming titles Valley Peaks, Super Mini Mart and Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom.

Streamers & Content Creators

If you are a content creator and are going through this presskit, consider this message as approval from the developers and publishers to record, create and monetize any form of digital content that contains footage and music from Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom. We thank you for your interest and help!


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